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  • About Us: KTF Productions is a Christian video production company with a two fold purpose. First and foremost, KTF looks to serve the Lord by creating Christ-focused productions that can reach those who have yet to know Christ. Secondly, KTF creates productions that glorify the Lord in ways that challenge, disciple and shine a light on our savior. We do this by creating a variety of videos, audio files, and print materials with the purpose of revealing Christ in a way that is exciting and powerful, encouraging viewers to have a deeper desire for Him. As for the videos created by KTF, the message of Jesus Christ is clearly presented. Movies, cartoons, music videos, talk shows, documentaries, promotions, commercials and a variety of other Christian videos are created for TV broadcast, DVD distribution, internet and public screenings. Finally, KTF seeks to make productions available, free of charge, for unbelievers to enable them to hear the word of our Lord without hindrance.
    Website: www.ktfproductions.com
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